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Okay as to everyone's request, the Featured gallery is now 100% cleaned. I will say this to you all, if your art was bumped out of it and removed, I dearly apologize but I had 264 pages to go through and cleaning all of that was rather long. I even took out some of my art too so don't feel bad. I love everyone's art on here and I mean no offence by removing anything :). Next thing I will be attempting is organizing some of the folders. Some folders will be mixed in with others as to make the gallery a bit more simplistic and less cluttered. For instance, Age Progression and Regression will now be in one folder rather then two. Other folder changes will be done shortly as well. Keep an eye out on these blog entries for more info on that...

Now I also intend to change certain rules around here as well. One of which many have been asking to be changed for quite some time. Everyone in the group has been, for some time now, complaining about the transgender tfs. They will now be gone. Not that I have anything against those kind of TFs but I think most are right when they say this is the FEMALtransformations site. So I think we should keep it simple and stick to female transformations. You can always post a mid transformation pic with them but only the female part will be accepted on here for now on to keep everyone happy. I apologize for this new rule and don't mean to offend anyone but that will keep a majority happy for now...

Last on the agenda is the groups Halloween event :). All contributors to the site can  and I hope will participate. There is no prize or anything I figured it would kinda just be a bit fun to do something different for Halloween :). Every week in October will be devoted to a different female transformation. Here is the following schedule for all whom may be interested:

-Done- *Thurs Oct 1- Sun Oct 4* will be devoted to Vampires. (Our site has a very limited folder on them so please by all means please participate give some sexy vampire pics ;))
-This Week- *Mon Oct 5 - Sun Oct 11* will be devoted to SheHulks and FMGs (All types of Shehulks and FMG pics are welcome :))
*Mon Oct 12 - Sun Oct 18* will be devoted to Demons and Creatures (All types of demons whether they be spiked, devils succubus, Resident Evil, any are welcome :D)
*Mon Oct 19 - Sun Oct 25* will be devoted to any type of animal transformation (cat girls, giraffe girls, panther girls, cow girls any animal you're heart desires :))
*Mon Oct 26 - Sat Oct 31* will be devoted to my personal favorite Werewolves (They are werewolves nuff said XD)

Keep in mind you can still keep going on any art that you want during those days but only the particular event creatures will be displayed in the featured folder during those weeks. I will Separate all other pics into their natural folders if they are not part of the event creatures. I understand however if all of ya contributors do have a project going on that you can't deviate from. Art does take a while to finish (god don't I know lol). I myself will be contributing the last week ;). Lone has a passion for Shewolves lol. Any whom want to participate are fully welcome though :D!

Well that's all the news for now. Keep posted for more updates on here and hopefully I will be able to go through and make the gallery changes soon!!  


To all those whom are interested in hiring some great TF artists, here is  couple amazing artist that you should consider:

:iconfalynevarger: Falynevarger has done multiple commissions for me and is absolutely amazing at doing exactly what you want done. She does other art other then TF too. Definitely check her stuff out and hire if you wish!!………

:iconnathan123qwe: Nathan123qwe is also another amazing artist for hire. His awesome and quirky style make him a great hire! I personally love his adorable Lizard girl character and he as well does other art other then transformation. Check his site out too!!………

:icontfsubmissions: TFSubmissions has done many a great sequence for people. Their adorable yet kinky animated style has been hired by many a person. I love their werewolf TFs the best ;). Definitely stop to their site to check out the interesting style and a great number of TF possibilities!!………

:iconlufidelis: Lufidelis is an amazing artist to work with. She does do TF pics often but more sticks to anthro but by god her anthro pics as well as human are astounding. She has done 2-3 pics of my shewolf characters and is having a Halloween Commission sale going on right now!!………
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lord-lycanos Featured By Owner 4 days ago
What's with all the male TF's? I thought this was a forum for female transformations... Just say in'.
TheLoneWolf12666 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
They are gone :).
Hannah990 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi I would love if possible to join your group. Happy to volunteer to help ease what must be a huge job keeping the group looking tidy and not unkempt. I think what I mean is would help out no problem

TheLoneWolf12666 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks much for the offer but I finally got things a bit more under control. Thankfully. It was a big job reorganizing but thankfully I'm almost there. Right now I am more looking for contributors for the group. I will on the occasion contribute myself but the more the merrier. Feel free though to join and always stop by when you'd like and give any ideas you would like :-). Although the gallery folders got a bit more to be organized, the light is definitely at the end of the tunnel ;).
JealousBass Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
Feminists like you guys be like TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheLoneWolf12666 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015
To all, I have just cleaned the feature gallery a bit so all can get their artwork posted up here finally :). More changes to come soon!
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Having issues adding my work to the gallery. Any help would be great.
BrianThomasX Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anyone still running the show here?

TF-Warlock Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Featured gallery seems full forever, and as a contributer I can't submit to any other folder, so I guess I'm leaving, don't quite see the point :shrug:
musicgirl02 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Rp anyone??
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